Osher @ SDSU

Osher @ SDSU is a non-profit education program designed for adult learners who want to fuel
their passion for learning, develop new interests, and share a forum for friendship and
socialization. Each year, Osher provides intellectually stimulating non-credit classes, interest
groups, local trips, and special events for its members.

The curriculum is member-driven and diverse; members shape programming to expand their
views of the world and enrich their lives and communities. Lectures, courses, and special events
cover topics from the humanities, the social and physical sciences, and the arts, in addition to
issues of local, state, national, and international interest. Click here to hear from some of our
members about their experience as Osher members.

Becoming an Osher member provides you access to discounts to all of the exciting classes,
lectures, and other events each semester. REA members will get up to 20% off your Osher
Membership for signing up by August 12th. Please visit https://ces.sdsu.edu/osher-lifelong-learning-institute-sdsu for more
details about the program and save the date for the Fall kickoff event on August 12 th , 2022 at
9am-12pm. More details will be sent to you in August.