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The 13th Check

Date Document Details
10/22/03 13th Check Explained

The Corbett Settlement

Date Document Details
05/19/00 Corbett Benefit Election Report by SDCERS
08/10/06 Corbett Settlement Explained by REA Board Member
11/29/06 Corbett Settlement Explained by Joe Flynn

City's Withdrawal from Social Security

Date Document Details
07/21/81 City Ordinance O-15552 Adopts Annual Budget FY 81-82 by amending Doc. 00-15552
07/27/81 Council Minutes See Item 51 on page 4 re: SDMC amendments to Retirement System
07/27/81 City Ordinance O-15554 Amends SDMC 24.0103 and .0105 related to Retirement System
11/02/81 City Council Minutes Withdrawal from Social Security - see p. 15
11/02/81 Council Resolution No. R-255320 Directs the City Manager, Council and Retirement Office to conduct an election of affected employees
11/20/81 City Memo on Withdrawal from Social Security
12/18/81 City Manager Update onf Withdrawal from Social Security
01/04/82 City Ordinance O-15644 Adopts Annual Budget FY 81-82 by amending Doc. 00-15552-1
01/04/82 Council Resolution No. 255609 Establishes SPSP
01/18/82 City Ordinance O-15653 Computation of Retirement Benefit post Social Security
04/05/82 City Ordinance O-15686 Amends SDMC - eligibility of Safety Members post Social Security
04/08/82 Council Minutes Safety Members withdrawal from Social Security
06/01/82 City Ordinance O-15758 Amends SDMC 24.0907.1, adds section 24.0907.2 - City sponsored group health for eligible retirees
08/19/85 Council Resolution R-263919 Opposes changes in federal law mandating participation in Social Security
09/30/85 Council Resolution R-264171 Opposes changes in federal law mandating participation in Social Security and medicare
01/21/92 Council Resolution R-280705 Amends SPSP-H
02/21/92 City Memo of Law Health Care Insurance for Unified Port District Members of SDCERS
02/02/07 Report to Council Amend MC Eliminating Waterfall
09/27/07 City Attorney Opinion Post-Retirement Health Care Benefits Administration
03/26/15 Appellant's Opening Brief Retiree Health Care Litigation - A Legal Brief