How to Join REA

Congratulations on your retirement from City services. As you enter this new and hopefully fulfilling segment of your life we hope you will continue your friendships and associations with fellow City employees. We welcome you to join with us as a member of your Association. The keys to our Association’s strength, viability, and influence is our number of members, our energy, our dedication, and maybe also you with your background and knowledge of City operations.

REA plays a vital watchdog role in monitoring ongoing developments in public employee retirement provisions and advocating for the interests of its members. REA Representatives monitor activities affecting the San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System (SDCERS), frequently speak before the SDCERS’ Board and City Council on issues of interest to retirees, and meet regularly with the SDCERS CEO and staff and representatives of the Mayor’s Office to discuss protection of our benefits. Your support will help keep these efforts in effect.

For Retired City Employees

If you are retired, you may join now by printing this Membership Form , and mailing it to the address listed below. Association dues are currently $3 per month which for retired members is paid by pension payroll deduction. Therefore, in addition to completing the Request for Membership form, print, complete and mail the REA Payroll Deduction Form with your Request for Membership.

Since active City employees (“Affiliate” REA Members) and active DROP participants cannot pay by payroll deduction, they should complete and mail the REA Payroll Deduction Form along with a check for $45 for your annual dues. We will process the Pension Payroll Deduction Form after you retire.

We hope you will join us – and join in our monthly meetings, which are on the second Tuesday of each month (except June and December), at 11:00 a.m., at the War Memorial Building in Balboa Park. Parking is free! The annual Holiday luncheon is exclusively a social event usually held the second Tuesday of December at one of the restaurants on San Diego Bay.