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President's January Message

Get ready for a New Year beginning January 1, 2017, or December 21, 2016 - the Winter Solstice for those of us that notice the Earth and Sun changing orientations! Personally, I will have been happily celebrating any and all of the seasonally available holiday events; the more the merrier. Yes, I decorated my bikes with Christmas Lights. In what ways do you celebrate this season?

Our REA Board spent a day at Mission Trails Visitor Center (beautiful spot) reviewing REA’s 2016 activities and making plans for 2017. I look forward to enjoying with you some interesting and fun events, thanks to the volunteer support from our mutual friends and former colleagues. Among those, we have made reservations for our 2017 Holiday Party at the Bali Hai - yes, we do plan ahead - anticipating a repeat of great food, wonderful view, lots of friends and shared memories.

So, here's my REA wish for you all to enjoy another New Year; 2017 awaits.