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May President's Message

What a resourceful group you have supporting REA! Several people deserve some thank yous for stepping up to fill in when our scheduled General Membership Meeting speaker could not attend. Mary Ann Stepnowsky, John Tsiknas, Chris Brewster, and Jessica Packard from SDCERS provided our replacement program, *Internet for Retirees*. After an overview of the SDCERS website, laptops were deployed at several stations showing and explaining of to use the REA website, the REA Facebook page, the SDCERS website, and how to use Twitter - so that you too can get Tweets directly from the President of the United States! We helped several retirees to be more comfortable with using the resources of the Internet.

Notice about proposed Bylaw change: We are calling for a vote, at the May 9, 2017 General Meeting to get it officially done. The REA Board is recommending a Bylaw change. The Board considers that new text to more accurately explain the quorum requirements (officers are board members).

Proposed new for Rules of Order, Rule III, Quorum, Section 1 - *"Eight Board members, of which at least two must be officers, shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board of Directors."*